Eric Allaman is an American composer who has worked in Film, Television, Theater and Ballet. His career as a film composer began when he co-composed the score to Ridley Scott’s “Legend” with Tangerine Dream.  That opportunity led to Eric re-scoring the silent classic, “Battleship Potemkin” which was re-released in Europe and featured at the Berlin Film Festival.

The Early Years

Originally born in Springfield, Missouri, Eric’s family moved around the Mid-West and eventually settled in Dana Point, California.  Eric began studying the piano at age seven and the guitar at age sixteen, and continued his studies at UCLA with an emphasis in music and theater.

Early Career

Shortly after graduating, Eric moved to Paris, France and ultimately West Berlin, Germany to further his musical career. After the success of the films “Legend” and “Battleship Potemkin”, Eric returned to Los Angeles to field film scoring offers.

Professional Life

Eric has scored 45 movies and over 600 episodes of television and is best know for his scores to “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, “Latter Days”, “Dante’s Cove”, “Mike Hammer Private Eye”, “Battleship Potemkin” and “Legend”.

Eric has written three ballets with Kim Maselli, “The Sea Princess” (2007), “Noah’s Ark” (2010) and “Camelot” (2018).  He has also penned two musical/operas, “Battleship Potemkin” (1991) with Jeffrey Couchman and “Voices from the Cellar” (1989) with Robert White.  He has also written the music to several plays including “The Geography of Luck”, “Dragon Lady” and “Stendhal”.

Recently, Eric released a collection of piano solos entitled, Berlin Diary that play as a memoire of his life in West Berlin, Germany.

Personal Life

Eric has two sons and is an active surfer and skier and has chased waves all over the world including the Mentawai Islands, Fiji, Hawaii, Peru, Ireland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Galapagos Islands. Eric lives in Malibu, California.


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