Film Credits

Eric has scored 45 motion pictures, working with household names like Ridley Scott, Jon Voight, James Caan, Melanie Griffith, Sam Shepherd, Tom Cruise, Larry the Cable Guy, Shia LaBeouf, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Heche, Harry Dean Stanton, Kirsten Dunst, Joe Mantegna, Stacy Keach, and Martin Sheen.

He studied film scoring at UCLA with David Raksin, (Laura.) After graduation, Eric worked with Tangerine Dream in West Berlin furthering his abilities in film scoring and he gained attention for his work on Ridley Scott’s “Legend.” Eric re-scored Sergei Eisenstein’s classic film, “Battleship Potemkin” for the Berlin Film Festival. The success of this score led to film offers back in his native Los Angeles.

A trained classical pianist, Eric was a natural to work with orchestras. He has had his orchestral scores recorded with the Fame’s Recording Studio Orchestra in Skopje, Macedonia, The Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra in Moscow, The Zazerkalye Theater Orchestra in St. Petersburg, The Berlin Symphony Orchestra in Berlin Germany, and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra in Belgrade, Serbia.

In Europe, he established an electronica feel with his music and furthered his knowledge and abilities with synthesizers and electronic music. His scores range from orchestral to electronica to acoustic, spanning numerous cultural palettes, often in the same movie, including African, Indian, and Native American. (Eric plays sitar and tabla in addition to piano, guitar and bass).